Frequently Asked Questions

I like the look of your Foxy Twin horseboxes but I need to sell my current horsebox first?
We are happy to take your current vehicle in part exchange be it horsebox, car or trailer.
What payload does the Foxy Twin have?
It really depends on the specification and model, a Stallion design with not too many extras should give you an available payload of between 1000-1100 kg. If you decide on the Weekender Special Model it could be as low as 725kg and would only really be suitable for one horse.
Can I have the vehicle uprated to carry more weight?
Yes you can, we use a company called SV Tech who specialise in uprating vehicles, they can be contacted on 01772 621800
If the vehicle is uprated can I drive it on a normal car licence?
This depends on when you passed your driving test. If it was after 1st January 1997 then the answer is no. To drive a vehicle with a GVW of over 3500kg you will need to take and pass an VOSA HGV Test.
Do you do finance on your horseboxes?
Yes please check out our finance page
What warranty do you give on your horseboxes?
There is a 12 month warranty on the horsebox conversion, ex factory. The chassis has 3 month warranty on major mechanical parts or the balance of the manufacturers warranty.
Where can I view a Foxy Twin?
We have demonstrators and new builds at our yard at Rudgwick, West Sussex.
I'm worried about the safety of my horse and driver, I've heard many horror stories about the bulkheads and flooring - which bulkhead and flooring do you use?
We only source vehicles that have the manufacture approved safety bulkheads and steel flooring. We feel that the millions of pounds invested by Renault / Citroen / Nissan / Vauxhall / Peugeot & Fiat to produce these parts to be safety tested and built to withstand various rigorous testing globally is good enough for us!

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